New Books January/February 2011 – Primary

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief  Graphic Novel by Rick Riordan


I was just a normal kid, going to school, playing basketball, skateboarding. The usual. Until I accidentally vaporized my maths teacher. That’s when things really started going wrong.  Now I spend my time fighting with swords, battling monsters with my friends, and generally trying to stay alive.

This is the one where Zeus, God of the Sky, thinks I’ve stolen his lightning bolt – and making Zeus angry is a very bad idea.


‘It’s Buffy meets Artemis Fowl. Thumbs up’
Sunday Times

Our Australian Girl: Meet Grace by Sofie Laguna

It’s 1808 . . .
and Grace is living with her uncle in London. They have no money, and Grace is always lonely and often hungry. The best part of her day is going to Fleet Street to talk to the horses that she loves so much. One afternoon Grace can’t resist taking a shiny red apple from a grocer’s cart – and then another… Before she knows it, Grace is being chased through the streets! Will she be caught and sent to prison – or worse?

Meet Grace and join her adventure in the first of four exciting stories about a brave convict girl who is given a second chance.

Teachers’ Notes

Our Australian Girl: Meety Letty by Alison Lloyd

It’s 1841 . . .
and Letty is on the docks in England, farewelling her bossy older sister who is about to take a long sea voyage to Australia. But then there is a mix-up,and before she knows it Letty finds herself on the ship too, travelling to New South Wales! How will Letty manage when her sister doesn’t even want her on the ship? And what will it be like on the other side of the world?

Meet Letty and join her adventure in the first of four exciting stories about a free settler girl and her new life in a far-off land.

Teachers’ Notes

Our Australian Girl: Meet Poppy by Gabrielle Wang

It’s 1864 . . .
and Poppy lives at bird Creek Mission near Echuca.  Poppy hates the Mission, especially now that her brother, Gus, has run away to pan for gold.  What is Poppy escaped, too?  Would she survive alone in the bush?  And would she ever find Gus, whom she loves more than anything in the world?

Meet Poppy and join her adventure in the first of four stories about a Gold Rush girl who dream of a better life.

Teachers’ Notes

Our Australian Girl: Meet Rose by Sherryl Clark

It’s 1900 . . .
and Rose lives with her family in a big house in Melbourne. She wants to play cricket, climb trees and be an adventurer! But Rose’s mother has other ideas.  Then Rose’s favourite young aunt comes to town, and everything changes.  Will Rose’s mother let Aunt Alice stay? And will Rose ever get to do the things she loves?

Meet Rose and join her adventure in the first of four stories about a Federation girl who’s determined to do things her way!

Teachers’ Notes

Hamilton’s Handstand by Dave Hackett

Holly says her dog Hamilton can do amazing handstands.
But can he really?

Everybody watches . . . 
everybody waits . . .

Rascal Bumps His Head by Paul Jennings

‘Cluck, cluck, cluck.’
Rascal thinks he is a chicken.
And the fox is hungry.
Is this the end of Rascal?

Aussie Bites, Nibbles and Chomps


Fremantle Press

Sleep Tight by Flint Shamini & Moira Court (illus.)

A bedtime story set high in the tree tops as a young squirrel keeps his Mum and Dad up all night!

‘Moira court’s vibrant painting conjure forth a world of wonder, whimsy and sweetness.’
– Frane Lessac, author and illustrator

Dorling Kindersley


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