New Books May 2011 – Secondary

Bite Club: Morganville Vampires 10 by Rachel Caine

Morganville is a quiet college town where humans and vampires live in relative peace.  But lately a great deal of blood is being spilt . . .

Having survived a number of adventures with her new night-dwelling friends, college student Claire Danvers has come to realise that for the most part, the undead just want to get on with their lives.

But someone else wants them to get ready to rumble.

There’s a new extreme sport being broadcast over the Internet: bare-knuckle fights pitting captured vampires against one another – or, worse, against humans.  Claire soon discovers that what started as an online brawl will soon threaten everyone in Morganville.  And if they want to survive, they’ll have to do a lot more than fight . . .


Too Small to Fail by Morris Gleitzman

What do you do when your mum, your dad and sixteen camels are in trouble and only you can save them?

 The sometimes sad but mostly funny story of a boy, a girl, a dog and four trillion dollars.

Throne of Fire: The Kane Chronicles V2 by Rick Riordan

Ever since the gods of Ancient Egypt were unleashed on the modern world, Carter Kane and his sister, Sadie, have been in big trouble.

As descendants of the magical House of Life, they command certain powers. But now a terrifying enemy – Apophis, the giant snake of chaos – is rising.

If Carter and Sadie don’t destroy him, the world will end in five days’ time. And in order to battle the forces of chaos, they must revive the sun god Ra – a feat no magician has ever achieved. Because first they must search the world for the three sections of the Book of Ra, then they have to learn how to chant its spells . . .

Can the Kanes destroy Apophis before he swallows the sun and plunges the earth into darkness . . . forever?

Ring of Water: Young Samurai V5 by Chris Bradford


Bruised and battered, Jack Fletcher wakes up in a roadside inn wrapped only in a dirty kimono. He has lost everything, including his memory.

Determined to discover the truth, Jack goes on a quest to retrieve his belongings – his precious swords, his friend Akiko’s black pearl and, most important of all, his father’s prize possession.

Relying on his samurai and ninja training, Jack realizes the Ring of Water is the key to his survival.

But with only a washed up ronin – a masterless samurai – for help, what will Jack manage to find? What will he lose?

And what will he have to sacrifice?

University of Queensland Press

Just a Girl by Jane Caro

I do not remember when I discovered how my mother died, it seems to be something I always knew, a horror I absorbed through my skin.

Determined, passionate, privileged and headstrong, Elizabeth was born into a world where she felt she didn’t belong and had to fight to survive.

Her mother, Anne Boleyn, was executed by her father Henry VIII.  From that moment on, Elizabeth competed with her two half-siblings for love and for Britain’s throne.  In the gilded corridors of the royal palace, enemies she couldn’t see – as well as those bound to her by blood – plotted to destroy her.

How do you find the courage to become queen even though you are just a girl?

Taj and the Great Camel Trek by Rosanne Hawke



Twelve-year-old Taj and his camel Mustara are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

They are joining explorer Ernest Giles on his second attempt to cross the Australian desert where wild dogs, scorpions, poisonous snakes and a constant shortage of water mean they are never far from disaster.

As if things weren’t tough enough, Taj, raised in the ways of the Afghan people, is struggling to find his place in this new and exciting land.

Taj and the Great Camel Trek by an award-winning author Rosanne Hawke is an inspirational and gripping adventure and a tribute to the Afghan camel drivers who helped explore Australia.

Fremantle Press
Dress Rehearsal by Zoe Thurner

Rules are meant to be broken

‘This term we’ve had a bank robbery, an abduction and this crazy show.  You kids are running wild, Lara.  It’s too much.’

Lara Pearlman has an appetite for life.

She loves acting, vintage clothes and her best friend Oggy.  She flirts with Nathan but really likes Blake.  She devours muffins with cream and chocolates by the box.  Lara’s mum says big girls shouldn’t eat cream, but if rules are made to be broken then Lara’s the girl to do it.  Loudly and often.

As the drama escalates, Lara realises that breaking the rules comes at a high price.  Is it too much?

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