Review – Mission Fox by Justin D’Ath

Review written by Louise Imseih from Meadowbank Public School.

Mission Fox by Justin D’ath is a new adventure series . The books focus on twin brothers Jordan and Harry whose love of animals leads them on various adventures with their trusty dog Myrtle.

Panda Chase follows the boys to the local quarry where an escaped panda needs to be rescued. The boys enlist the help of their dog Myrtle who is harnessed to the FoxMobile (a custom made billy cart) to help out. They encounter problems along the way which put them in danger, which of course adds to the suspense of the story.

In Snake Escape a snake is on the loose in Mrs Seabert’s home and it is up to Harry and Jordan to save the day. There are fun little facts throughout the story and a detailed map at the beginning to help set the scene. With a larger text size and a few illustrations every four or five pages, the books are not too intimidating for independent readers in the early grades.

Both stories have the right blend of drama and action to entice the reader to engage with the story. Throughout the stories there are neat little tie-ins with current technology such as an app called BRAIN (Bird, Reptile and Animal Identification Network). It allows the twins to find information about each animal to help with their rescues.

The series  is full of suspense and perfect for 7-9 year olds who are independent readers. Reluctant readers in lower primary would be quite capable of reading these stories by themselves. Each book can be read separately or as a series. Also, these books could be read aloud to a younger audience. While my six year old is not an independent reader, she was instantly hooked when I read it to her.

Both books would tie in quite nicely with a unit on endangered animals and the environment from a fictional perspective.

Thanks Louise.

This month we have copies of Too Small to Fail, Just a Girl and Our Australian Girl (please indicate if you would like a book from the first or second series) available for review.  If you would like to write a review, email us with your preference.

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