Activity – make your own ‘Our Australian Girl’ cover

Some schools have been busy making their own Our Australian Girl (OAG) book covers, inspired by the fabulous ‘crafty-look’ covers of the OAG books.  Each girl has created a unique cover that reflects something of herself, in the spirit of the OAG covers.  This is a great activity as it involves art, craft, personal history and also encourages the girls to think about what is important to them and what objects or symbols are representational of them.  So we have found too that it becomes an exploration of identity and self esteem.  And most importantly, the girls really do love the activity!

If you look at the OAG books, you will see that each cover has a collage of some special little objects that relate to the story and tell the reader something about the characters.

You can make your own OAG cover that tells the world something about you – here’s how (see below for some downloads that might help):

  • Find fabrics with your favourite colours and patterns to use as a background. You can either use the fabrics themselves or you can photocopy them on a colour photocopier.
  • Next, get a favourite photo of yourself or ask someone to take one. Cut out a border for a frame (or even download a picture of a photo frame from the Internet), and stick it on the background.
  • Then you need to find the special little objects that say something about who you are – a photo of your pet, your favourite piece of jewellery, a hair ribbon or an important treasure. You could draw, photograph, paint, scan or cut them out. Place them around the cover.
  • You might like to add in the special OAG heart in the top corner, and a bracelet with the year you were born.
  • Add in your name, and you’re done! You can scan, photograph or photocopy the final version for everyone to see.

 A version of this activity is also up on the Our Australian Girl website and there is also a competition that girls can enter with their covers.




Picture Frames

Bits and Bobs

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