New Books June 2011 – Primary

Con-nerd by Oliver Phommavanh


Mama tells me I’m gifted and talented. But I know the truth. I’m just a nerd.
Kids call me Con-nerd – half Connor and all nerd.
I’m supposed to become a doctor but i have this deep, dark secret:  I want to be a cartoonist.
And all of a sudden my mega-cool comics are getting noticed at school – I might even get into a special art class . That would sure impress this girl I’m keen on . . . and it might just be my chance to show the world my true destiny.
But I’m not sure Mama will see it quite that way . . .

Ready, Set, Boris by Andrew Joyner


It’s Sports Day and Boris is ready to run like he’s never run before. He wants to beat Eddie, who always wins everything. All Frederick wants is not to come last—again. Who will make it across the finish line first?  Ready, set . . . 

You’ll never be bored when Boris is around!
With his big dream and super-sized imagination, anything is possible – and adventure is guaranteed.

Boris Sees the Light by Andrew Joyner


He’s camping in the backyard with Frederick and Alice. They are not one bit scared of the dark. No way . . . But what is that strange light moving around outside the tent?

You’ll never be bored when Boris is around!
With his big dream and super-sized imagination, anything is possible – and adventure is guaranteed.

Aussie Nibbles and Chomps

University of Queensland Press

Kumiko and the Shadowcatchers by Briony Stewart

Kumiko is used to having her dragon Tomodo by her side night and day.  What she doesn’t understand is why she needs a dragon to protect her . . .

Since discovering the secret of the Shadow Catchers, a group of powerful sorcerers determined to steal dragon magic at any cost, Kumiko knows it’s only a matter of time before her family and Tomodo are in grave danger.  To save those she loves, Kumiko must venture where no one in her family has gone before.  Can she stop the Shadow Catchers once and for all?

Join Kumiko for her most exciting adventure yet as she travels through a world of shadows and dark magic to find freedom for herself, her family and a kingdom of dragons.

The Blade Brief: Mosquito Advertising by Kate Hunter

Katie is in trouble with the adults in her life. More trouble than she has ever been in before. Mosquito Advertising is taking up all her time and school seems boring and irrelevant. Who needs school when you’re running your own advertising agency?

Katie promises she’ll lift her game but things get complicated when Barry Sharp, billionaire owner of international airline Blade Air, offers Mosquito Advertising his account. Katie and her friends are flown to Sydney where everything seems too good to be true.

How can Katie keep such big news a secret from her mum?  And what will she do when a local dog food company needs their help? Mosquito Advertising starts to crack under the strain as business gets in the way of friendship. Katie needs to work out what really matters if she is to save both.

Fremantle Press

My Country by Sally Morgan

Best-selling author and internationally renowned painter Sally Morgan teams up with Ezekiel Kwaymullina for a picture book celebrating country.

A gorgeous new picture book in simple, lyrical prose and vibrant colour.

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