New Books June 2011 – Secondary

Con-nerd by Oliver Phommavanh


Mama tells me I’m gifted and talented. But I know the truth. I’m just a nerd.
Kids call me Con-nerd – half Connor and all nerd.
I’m supposed to become a doctor but i have this deep, dark secret:  I want to be a cartoonist.
And all of a sudden my mega-cool comics are getting noticed at school – I might even get into a special art class . That would sure impress this girl I’m keen on . . . and it might just be my chance to show the world my true destiny.
But I’m not sure Mama will see it quite that way . . .

The Comet Box by Adrian Stirling

It’s 1986 and Halley’s Comet is hurtling towards Earth. Everyone is talking about what the comet will bring – wishes could be granted, people might go mad, great disasters could happen…

When Andrew is asked to write down his greatest wish for the Comet Box, he can think of only one thing – that his runaway sister Amelia will finally come home. As the comet draws nearer he begins to learn the reasons why she left in the first place and the more he learns, the more he wants to forget.

When Amelia is captured and brought home she reveals a shocking secret that makes Andrew’s once safe world begin to unravel. As the comet arrives, Andrew must choose whether to be blind to the mistakes of the people around him or to side with his sister as she tears his family apart.

What Happened to Goodbye? by Sarah Dessen

Mclean never lets herself get too attached . . .

After the scandal of her mother’s affair, Mclean and her dad chose life on the road. But since losing her family and home, Mclean has lost herself too; she’s been Eliza, then Lizbet, then Beth – changing her name as often as she changes towns.

Until now. Her new neighbour, Dave, is like no one she’s met before. Is as if she’s always known him, and just like that, she becomes Mclean again.  Is it finally time to stop reinventing? Or will Mclean turn her back on the new life she loves, without even saying goodbye . . .

Cross My Heart by Sasha Gould

They call Laura ‘La Muta’.
The Silent One.
She is about to break her silence – but at what cost?

Laura della Scala knows nothing beyond the Venetian convent walls that have bound her since she was twelve years old.
A single night will change her life . . .

Her father is a powerful man and has decided who she will marry.  But Laura refuses to be trapped again and is determined to escape his rule.  No matter what it takes, Laura will fight her arranged marriage in pursuit of a true, reckless love . . .

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