Your students can be published in the next Mission Fox adventure!





If you look in the back of each Mission Fox book, you’ll see quotes from fans of Mission Fox. And if your students write to us and tell us what they love about the series in 20 words or less, they could be published there, too!

Along with their quote, we’ll need to know their name and age, and your email address so that we can arrange parental permission. And if their quote is picked, they’ll also get a signed copy of the book.

So don’t let them miss out on seeing their name in print, get them to tell us what they love about Mission Fox by emailing us at or by visiting the Contact Us page at the Mission Fox website!

About the Mission Fox series:
Harry and Jordan might seem like your average pair of identical twins, but don’t be fooled! Their billy cart is really a FoxMobile, their mobile is a FoxPhone and, along with their giant dog, Myrtle, they’re the secret agents of Mission Fox: Animal Rescue. Gadgets, animals and escapades abound in this new series for younger readers from the creator of the highly successful Extreme Adventures.

Visit the Mission Fox website here!

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