New Books August 2011 – Primary

One Small Island by Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch

Macquarie Island lies in the Southern Ocean, between Antarctica and New Zealand.  A speck of green in the vast, windswept sea, it is a haven for many creatures that live above and below the waves.

In One Small Island, Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch bring us the story of this remote and precious World Heritage Site.  Together they explore the island’s unique geological beginnings, discovery and degradation at the hands of humans, and the battle to restore it today.

This beautifully presented book leaves us with an important question: can Macquarie Island and places like it be saved?

Ted Goes Wild by Michael Wagner

‘Life’s no picnic for this teddy bear’

Fully equipped, superbly trained and afraid of nothing (well, almost), Ted has dedicated his life to saving and serving others.

But will his rescue mission to the Wild Forest knock the stuffing out of him once and for all?  And will he ever return to his loving owner, Oliver?

Warm-hearted, thrilling and delightfully silly, this magical-adventure series will captivate young readers.

The Accidental Princess by Jen Storer

Inside the lilac hedge, two sets of glittering emerald eyes observed Matilda through the heart-shaped leaves.  ‘It is the princess!’ whispered a tiny voice . . .

When the pixies and fairies of the lilac hedge mistake Matilda for royalty, she is drawn into a wondrous world.  But evil forces threaten the hedge and its folk, and Matilda must fight to save her new friends.  She can’t do it alone, but could it mean losing her sister forever?

Fans of The Magic Faraway Tree and the Narnia series won’t be able to resist The Accidental Princess!

Kung Phew (Aussie Bites) by Simon Mitchell

As the Baked Bean Bandit, Marty is the undefeated World farting Champion.  Now he has a new challenge – to beat stinky super-villain General Pu in a battle for kung phew supremacy!



Strike a Pose, Daizy Star by Cathy Cassidy

Meet the one and only Daizy Star

Daizy’s finally found her star quality – modelling!

But Dad’s latest crazy scheme might just ruin her big break . . .

Can Daizy save her family from becoming castaways on a remote island AND discover how to be a top model in time for the class fashion show?

Or will she be one big catwalk catastrophe?!

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