Off the Shelf and into the classroom!

We’ve been getting some great feedback from teachers and librarians alike for Off the Shelf, our online magazine for teachers and librarians.

Here are some of the comments coming in…

“I love the fresh, exciting format, packed full of engaging articles. Easy to use and easy to read. Love the links to more information too!”

“The variety of information about new titles, authors and resources. PLUS being able to ‘go deeper’ and find more at the click of a button.”

“This is readable, interesting and dealing with topics that are exactly what busy teacher librarians are looking for! Great to share with other staff too!”

“Can read it during Silent reading time and can immediately share any new releases or interesting facts with my students via the IWB. Always creates an interesting class discussion about literature.”

Lindy Jones from Castle Hill High School tells us how she’s been using the latest edition of Off the Shelf with her students:

The great thing about Off the Shelf is that it is a resource that has genuine and diverse classroom application. The presentation: layout, design etc facilitates immediate engagement for our students who are such visual learners. I particularly like the range of text types that comprise the magazine’s content and have used several as classroom stimulus for discussion or as models for students. I teach a senior ESL class who have been introduced to the interview form, so this month’s edition has allowed me to reinforce classroom learning with very specific exemplars. A corollary to this is of course that they may be inspired to read some great Australian authors as well.

The smart board has been an ideal vehicle for displaying the magazine in the classroom. The colour definition up on the screen is fabulous. Whilst the user friendly navigation tools have enabled me to zoom in to enlarge the text for class reading as well as allowing me to move seamlessly between articles. Additionally the screen shot function on the smart board creates the opportunity for closer examination and annotation. I am currently teaching a Yr 8 GATs class who are studying visual literacy through picture books, so this month’s article by Dr Pam McIntyre was perfect for reinforcing salient concepts, as well as extending student understanding in a more academic framework.

Thanks Lindy!

We’d love to hear how more of you are using Off the Shelf in your classrooms or libraries, so email us at with your feedback!



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