New Books September 2011 – Primary

My Brother’s A Wormburger by Gretel Killeen

Zeke and Eppie know their neighbours are aliens, but their Mum thinks they are angels. Trouble is, Mum’s promised Zeke and Eppie a puppy if they play politely with the neighbours all day!!!!!!!!!!!

But so far the alien neighbours haven’t played nicely at all — they’ve grown antennas and elephant ears, wrapped Eppie up in a huge blue tongue, spied on Zeke’s brain, poked a long alien finger in one of Eppie’s ears and out the other side and made Zeke an egghead!!!!

But worst of all they’ve turned Zeke and Eppie into aliens…and now it’s time to go to school!

Horse Hijack: Mission Fox by Justin D’Ath


Ella’s horse, Silver Banjo, the Olympic showjumping champion, has been stolen! Mission Fox are on the trail. But how will they get past an iron gate, an electronic lock, a huge stone wall and a pack of guard dogs?


Aussie Chomps: The Dog Stole My Brain by Katherine and Mary K. Pershall

Jake is so stressed out!
The two biggest and meanest girls in his class have a nasty surprise waiting for him at school.  If only he could switch his life with someone who doesn’t have his problems.
But not his dog!

Aussie Nibbles: Chantelle’s Cloak by Lorraine Marwood

Chantelle doesn’t want to be a big sister when Mum’s new baby is born.  All she want is a cloak . . . so she can make herself invisible!



Come Down, Cat! by Sonya Hartnett, illus. Lucia Masciullo

The day is ending, night is falling, and Nicholas’s cat won’t come down. High on the roof she licks her paws while Nicholas worries about her up there all alone. How does he coax her into the safe, warm house? She doesn’t even want to come down from the roof… or does she? 

From the combined talents of Sonya Hartnett and Lucia Masciullo comes this tale of friendship and bravery, and the things we are capable of doing for those we treasure most.

Little Things for Busy Hands by Katie Evans

Pinwheels turning, turning, Buttons spinning, Colours swirling.
Shapes unfurling, Watch them whirling.
See the rainbows come to life!

Young children can easily make beautiful things with the help of this bright and colourful step-by-step craft book.  The 16 simple projects are all done by hand and are designed to teach children to guide themselves through the process, with little assistance, using easy instructions, friendly diagrams, clear photographs, and imaginative vintage designs.  A must-have for kids passionate about creating.

Nana’s Colours by Pamela Allen

It’s Nana’s birthday and all the children are bringing her a present.
Each one is a different colour.
What colours do you see?

From the much-loved creator of children’s books comes a charming introduction to the world of colours.

King Jack and the Dragon by Peter Bently, illus. Helen Oxenbury

Night is falling . . .
playtime is nearly over . . .
and bedtime is looming . . .

But brave King Jack is more than a match for dragons and terrible beasties!  With a band of faithful knights and a mighty castle too, this magical, make-believe adventure is just perfect for little boys and brave children everywhere!

Ask Me Anything

Every fact you ever wanted to know – now in paperback.

Do you love trivia? Do you have a burning question? Then ask me one. Go on, Ask Me Anything.

Because I’m stuffed with trivia, facts, fun, and incredible info on just about everything you can think of. What’s the most dangerous spider? How much would you weigh if you lived on Venus? Where can you post letters underwater? I’ll also tell you how to split an atom, assemble an orchestra, and find out what happens when astronauts fart in their spacesuits.

You see, you really can ask me anything.

How People Lived

An entertaining and eye-opening journey through the history of humans.

How People Lived provides a colourful snapshot of life over different eras around the world, from prehistory to the present and beyond. Amazing drawings and illustrations provide a wealth of facts and information on clothes and customs, working life and much more – bringing the scenes vividly to life.

Beautiful and action-packed scenes will capture the imagination of young readers who will enjoy getting an in-depth look at people and life through the ages while timelines, maps and charts provide back-up information and context to each era.

How Cool is This?

Discover the secret science behind the coolest inventions.

How Cool is This? is an exciting introduction to inventions and technology. It’s packed with delights such as glow sticks and exploding bubbles, modern mysteries like e-ink and wind turbines and familiar objects from crash helmets to fireworks.

You’ll discover something fascinating while seeing familiar objects in a new light through cutting-edge 3D xrays and high-speed photography. If you’re a future inventor, this is the perfect book for you.

Dinosaurs and Me

Did you know that Gallimimus could run faster than a racehorse, or that some dinosaurs were the same size as a human, while others were bigger than eight elephants? Did you know that magnolias and buttercups were among the flowers that grew in prehistoric times? This engaging, original book takes a completely new approach to the world of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric life – by comparing it with ourselves and with the massive variety of animals, habitats, and plant life that make up our world today. This innovative and novel book shows how dinosaurs are not so very different from you and me!

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