Review – Ted Goes Wild

Review by Suzanne Oats from Newtown Primary School.

Ted Goes Wild is a lovely story about  a little boy’s teddy who goes on amazing adventures. In this story he needs to save a little doll that has been lost in the wild. Oliver knows that it is Ted’s job to save others, but he can’t help but worry about him while he is gone. Oliver helps Ted get ready for his adventures even though it breaks his heart because he might not see Ted again. It tells us about how we have to be there for each other but to also let them lead their own life. It is a story about hope, friendship and believing.

Ted Goes Wild is a story that is aimed more for boys given the nature of the adventure that he embarks upon. It is full of survival skills, information about the wild and how to use your own knowledge to your advantage. It would be of particular interest to boys who are having some reluctance to read, especially those in approximately the year 3 level. It looks inviting to the reader with many components that make the story more interesting and attractive to the reluctant reader such as the use of full page illustrations  and cartoon pictures and cartoon strips.

It would be good to read as an individual reader, or it would be a perfect story to have in small reading groups as there are many things to talk about. The story has many levels, from the basic one of an adventure, to discussing how important friendship is, supporting others even if we may not want our friends to do certain things, and encouraging and guiding them through our support and friendship. This story also has many interesting facts throughout the book which may encourage children to want to find out more about things they come across in the book. One example of this is when Ted swims away from the crocodile and he remembers that crocodiles become calm when their eyes are covered. To help save himself from the crocodile, he throws his torn parachute over the eyes of the crocodile to help the crocodile become calm in order for him to escape. There are many other small and interesting facts throughout the book which children would find interesting to read and may encourage them to want to find out more.

The is a nice story and well presented for those children who want to read about adventures. It doesn’t matter that the main character is a teddy. It makes it more endearing for the younger child. When looking at the title of the story and the blurb, you are not necessarily thinking that it is about a teddy bear, so that is a surprise when you start reading.

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