Art Spiegelman’s ‘metaMAUS’

25 years ago, Art Spiegelman published the ground-breaking graphic novel Maus.  A complex, personal and raw account of the relationship between a father and son, Maus is also considered to be one of the difinitive narratives on the Holocaust and the grandfather of the graphic novel genre.

Now comes metaMAUS, a complete guide to the original publication, and so much more. 

Spiegelman answers all the questions he has been asked about Maus over the years – Why comics?  Why mice?  Why the Holocaust? – and gives an insight into the story and creation behind his work.  metaMAUS includes a bonus DVD that provides a digitized reference copy of THE COMPLETE MAUS linked to a deep archive of audio interviews with his survivor father, historical documents, and a wealth of Spiegelman’s private notebooks and sketches.

Maus has long been popular for class study with senior secondary students.  With links to Visual Literacy, History, English and Literature, the Australian Curriculum makes it even more relevant now.

Download the teachers’ notes.

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