Morris Gleitzman short story competition winner!

We would like to congratulate Ash Smith from Romsey Primary School – the winner of the Morris Gleitzman short story competition.  After sifting through over 1000 entries, Morris chose Ash’s story as his favourite.  Thank you to all the teachers, students and schools who entered the competition, we hope you enjoyed participating.  You can read Ash’s story below.

Here are some words from Morris on the winning story:

I was impressed that Ash managed to tell a well-structured story with a satisfying ending all in simple clear language and did so using only half the maximum number of words allowed in the competition.

He gives us a character with a problem, shows the problem getting worse, allows us to share the character’s feelings about this, has his character attempt to solve the problem, and ends with an unexpected and humourous twist in which the character uses the problem to solve another problem. Not bad in 250 words.

Thanks to everybody who entered the competition. There were some great writing efforts. I know from experience that it’s no small thing to finish a story and then send it out in the world to be read by others. So congratulations to you all.


The Emerald Scorpion

Sunday 3rd of January

Not a good day. It all started when dad and I went to the market. I was planning on getting a necklace. At the back of the market was a small stall ran by a wrinkly old man who was tattooed all over. He had all different types of jewellery. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings, he had them all.

As I was looking I saw an amazing emerald scorpion. There was something about that scorpion. Something strange… but I bought it anyway. As I bought it the old man chuckled.

We drove home. It was a long hot drive so I stuck my head out the window to get some fresh air. Out of nowhere a bird flew over and pooped in my eye.

“Unlucky mate” laughed dad.

As we stepped out of the car I smelled a terrible smell. “Ewwwww what’s that smell” I asked. I looked down and saw dog poo all over my new runners. “Gross!” I shrieked.

I walked inside and got myself my drink. As I drank I felt a small black thing in my throat. It was a fly.

All this bad luck started when I bought that necklace. I hopped on my bike to ride to the stall but my bike collapsed.

When I got there the stall was gone. In the distance I saw a tough kid bullying some kid. I put the necklace on and walked over. “Nice necklace loser” he teased. Then he snatched it off me and ran off.
By Ash Smith
Year 6, Romsey Primary School

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