Review of The Shiny Guys by Doug Macleod

It is always exciting and informative to read reviews sent to us from teachers’ and librarian’s of our new titles. Sometimes we get very lucky and a student will share their thoughts and feelings about novels with us. Here is our very first student written review for Doug Macleod’s latest book – The Shiny Guys.

Welcome to the mind of Colin Lapsley, a fifteen year old boy who was admitted to Ward 44, a psychiatric ward.

The reason for this is that he can see something that others can’t. The Shiny Guys, the ones who want to make Colin pay for the awful thing he has done, or really, the thing that he didn’t do. The Shiny Guys are the ones that creep in the shadows, in the corners of his eyes, the ones that Colin needs to figure out how to defeat.

This is a story about friendship, giant cockroaches, mental illnesses, ECT, and trying to figure what’s real and what’s not. Doug Macleod takes you on an interesting journey throughout the mazes of Colin’s mind, as well as a few other patients in Ward 44.

Nothing is ever as it seems in this book, and when you think you’ve finally figured it out…its changed again! This amazing little book will constantly have you guessing, thinking and questioning.

Although the setting is mostly in the one place, there is never a dull moment. There are always things happening, always things going on.

I have to say, I was very impressed with The Shiny Guys. An awesome and interesting book, it gave me a lot to think about. It definitely goesinto the ‘re-read’ section!

 Tegan M Year 9 Student.

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