Sonya Hartnett’s Come Down, Cat! – applications in your classroom or library

This gentle, beautiful text is a great springboard for discussions about bravery, fears and night-time, as well as relationships with pets and animals.

Come Down, Cat! has the trademark lyricism of Sonya’s previous work, and yet achieves a simplicity and sweetness that its target readership will delight in. Evocative, cinematic imagery is still present, but it takes a back seat to the pithy characterisation that brings Nicholas and the cat to life.

The brilliantly timed, mischievous ‘marls’ of the cat convey a sense of its cunning, its cheekiness and its feline wiles. And through his heartfelt pleadings and acts of bravery and tenderness, Nicholas’s sense of compassion Come Down, Cat! and devotion are skilfully conveyed. It is remarkable that even in a book for the very young, Sonya’s love affair with language and talents as an author are as present as ever.

(Jean Yates – Reading Notes pg. 2)

Reading notes, written by Jean Yates, for using this gorgeously illustrated picture book in your classroom or library can be found here.

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