Battle of the Jade Horse by Alison Lloyd – Review by Finn Clifford

We welcome student reviews here at Penguin Teachers’ Corner Blog and are delighted to share with you our most recent student review from Finn – aged 12.

I have to admit this is now easily one of my favourite books. It has all the factors of a good book, action/adventure, comedy and one thing that lasts the entire book, which in this case is Hu and Ren’s friendship.

It starts off with Ren and Hu coming back from a hunt to the small Chinese village of Beicheng (Hu limping because of his lame leg). Ren is the son of the Commander of the Tiger Battalion and protector of Beicheng. He follows every single rule which can make him a bit frustrating but that’s probably the point.Ren’s younger sister is named Lien who is just like any other little kid.

Hu’s family is poor and uneducated, making this book much more interesting. His father is distrustful of government and his mother doesn’t speak much. His older sister Mei is of the age to get married but is still waiting. All she wants is for someone to propose to her.

So many problems and one huge solution. But you’ll have to read the book to find out what that is. This book is extremely well written and the author has an imagination like nothing I’ve seen before. This book is incredible.

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