The great eBook debate – A remarkable collection of essays.

In our visits to schools and conferences, we are always inevitably asked questions about eBooks. What is happening with them? How many of our titles are available? When will picture books be available as eBooks? How do we see them affecting the sales of ‘real’ books? Will the ‘real’ book disappear?

eBooks are a topic that is sure to evoke passionate discussion and real emotion amongst those engaged in conversation on the subject. There are those who love them, those who hate them, those who are yet to decide how they feel about them and those that aren’t much fussed either way.

Needless to say, it is a relevant topic amongst many in the industry and for teachers’ and librarians the eBook debate is an important factor in the forward planning of school libraries and curriculum resources.

Isobelle Carmody is without doubt one of Australia’s most beloved writers of books for children, young adults and adults alike. Isobelle has done much to shape the landscape of the fantasy genre and her books are widely read and shared around the world. Recently, Isobelle and a diverse group of people involved in different facets of the book industry (but all with an undying and lifelong passion for books) began The Great eBook Debate. It is a fascinating collection of essays on the subject, available to read online for the next ten days.

For those of you still struggling to decide where you stand or those of you keen to share an opinion on the subject, or those of you who just love to read well written essays, might I suggest you take some time and go and read The Great eBook Debate for yourselves.

Might I also suggest, for those of you looking for powerful examples of persuasive writing to share with your students, leave a comment asking for permission to use the essays for that purpose, I am sure the authors wont mind their arguments being shared.

You can find The Great eBook Debate HERE.

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