Student Reviews – After by Morris Gleitzman and The Rumpelgeist by Fiona McIntosh

After – Morris Gleitzman

Felix is a thirteen year old Jew in World War II. His parents and best friend Zelda have been murdered by the Nazis. Now he hides in a barn, looked after by a man called Gabriek. When he realises Gabriek is a partisan, Felix decides to join too. This is his story, about surviving the last months of World War II.

After was an interesting read. I remember reading Once in primary school and I enjoyed that so I was quite happy to read this book as well. I enjoyed the way Felix would think, and make assumptions based on what he saw. This is a good book to show just how it would have been to live during World War II. I enjoyed this book, and have enjoyed a lot of Morris Gleitzman’s other books. Anyone with an interest in World War II and the Jews would probably enjoy, or at least get something out of this book.

Corinna, age 13, Canberra, Australia

The Rumpelgeist – Fiona McIntosh 

It is years after the treachery of Duke Janko, and the city of Floris is happy under the rule of King Lute. Happy, until the children begin disappearing. At the same time, the mysterious Rumpelgeist starts to rush through their houses, causing no harm to anyone. Yet.

When Princess Ellin discovers that she and the noble Flynn Jolien hold the answer to saving her city, Ellin is determined to set out at once. But after Flynn is life threateningly injured she must instead ride to save his life and ask the help of the wizard Grendel. Can she fulfil both missions before it is too late? Or will she be forced to choose Flynn’s life or the children of Floris?

The Rumpelgeist was a truly fantastic read. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I went out and bought the prequel, The Whisperer. The magic, plot and sub-plot, characters both good and evil were very well written. I could easily imagine all the characters and their personalities. If Fiona ever chooses to write more sequels, I’ll happily buy them! Read this book if you’re 10 to 15, or like magic and magical creatures mixed with the real world. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Corinna, age 13, Canberra, Australia

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