Student review of The Rumpelgeist – Fiona McIntosh

The Rumpelgeist By Fiona McIntosh

Amongst the people of Drestonia’s capital, panic is starting to arise. Children are disappearing from their homes, and a strange and mysterious Rumpelgeist is rattling doors and banging on windows, but no one can see him. No one knows where the children are, or why the Rumpelgeist is haunting the people. And no one can find out without the help of two brave young heroes.

Those two heroes go by the name of Ellin, the Crown Princess of Drestonia, and Flynn Jolien, a young noble. Both have a unique power. Ellin is able to hear things others can’t, while Flynn is able to see things. This leads to Flynn befriending the Rumpelgeist, who turns out to be a young boy named Lex that had been stolen away from his home by the evil witch Grevilya and her wicked minion Simeon. It is Ellin and Flynn’s mission to help save the missing children, with the help of their new-found friend Lex.

But before they could go on their missing children rescue, Flynn had gotten life threatening injuries from a fight with a rival. It’s up to Ellin, Lex, and the King of the Centaurs Davern, to travel across Drestonia to find Grendel the sorcerer, who will hopefully use his powers to heal Flynn so he can continue on his journey and return the lost children to their parents!

This is a fast paced, adventurous book, full of excitement and magic! It has a lot of dialogue, which makes it easy to form a relationship with the characters and to understand their emotions. If you like fantasy books that are full of magic, sorcery, sprites and ghosts, this would probably be a great read for you!

By Tegan

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