Teaching Notes – The Garden of Empress Cassia by Gabrielle Wang

The Garden of Empress Cassia – GABRIELLE WANG

Mimi laid the box in the bench and opened it carefully. Inside were rows and rows of coloured pastels that shimmered in the light. She rolled them under her fingertips and her imagination began to fill with amazing pictures.
When Mimi is given a box of magical pastels, she discovers that she can draw the Garden of Empress Cassia – a drawing so beautiful and real that people are transported inside it. But the pastels are ancient, mysterious and powerful, and in the wrong hands can be very dangerous . . .

Gabrielle Wang’s beautiful novel, The Garden of Empress Cassia is perfect novel selection choice for your students and links to the Australian Curriculum. Senka King – Deputy Principal St Albans East Primary School has written a comprehensive and invaluable set of teaching notes for this novel and has kindly offered to share these with those of you wishing to use them. Penguin Teachers’ Corner thanks Senka for her generosity.

You can download the notes  HERE.

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