It’s Dahl Day!

September 13th is officially Roald Dahl Day!!

Generations of us have grown up enjoying the magical writing of Roald Dahl. For many of us, it might have been the very first ‘chapter’ book we ever read. Everyone has a favourite Dahl classic read, for us here at Penguin Teachers’ it has to be George’s Marvellous Medicine, (who hasn’t fantasised about exacting revenge on their mean old granny at least once… Oh. Just us? Okay then… moving on!)

Today, all these years later Roald Dahl is still making us laugh and keeping us turning pages when we should be sleeping…or eating…or planning lessons for our students.

So, with that in mind, why not celebrate Roald Dahl at school! There are lots of ways to have fun on Roald Dahl Day, and these downloadable packs are full of activities, quizzes, information and materials to help make your Roald Dahl Day a great one. Get your hands on the Roald Dahl Day Packs HERE!

Feel free to share with us in the comments what YOUR favourite Dahl novel is and what you plan to do with your students.

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