The Mission Fox Series by JUSTIN D’ATH – SIMPLY AWESOME!

Have you shared the sheer awesomeness that is The Mission Fox Series with YOUR students yet?

JUSTIN D’ATH is not only well-known and well-loved by readers, his many books are hugely popular and seem to never fail to be accessible and extremely engaging and that’s quite the accomplishment!

Mission Fox has been so succesful with readers nationwide that the recent announcement that the series would be made into a television show came as no surprise and was greeted with delight from Justin’s many readers.

The Mission Fox series has it all, themes of environment and sustainability, teaching notes, action, adventure, great characters, excellent plotlines and dialogue and better still they can be read by a wide variety of readers. Aimed at age 8 – 12, Jordan and Harry (the Fox twins) take their readers on roller coaster animal rescue adventures. Not to mention, the website for the books is just as action packed as the stories themselves. You can visit the website for Mission Fox HERE.

A must have for every school library and classroom, Mission Fox is sure to engage your students right from page one! Free teaching notes available for download HERE.



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3 Responses to The Mission Fox Series by JUSTIN D’ATH – SIMPLY AWESOME!

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  2. Lachlan says:

    Mission Fox is awesome. I’ve read every book in the series!!! I can’t wait till the next Mission Fox book is!

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