New books for Primary – February 2013


The Treasure Box – Margaret Wild and Freya Blackwood

From two of our most talented picture-book creators comes this celebration of things that can’t be destroyed by bombs or fire. A haunting and beautiful tale of the power of words, the importance of stories and the resilience of the human spirit.

When the enemy bombed the library, everything burned.

As war rages, Peter and his father flee their home, taking with them a treasure box that holds something more precious than jewels. They journey through mud and rain and long cold nights, and soon their survival becomes more important than any possessions they carry.

But as the years go by, Peter never forgets the treasure box, and one day he returns to find it…

9780143307006Our Australian Girl – Meet Lina by Sally Rippin

It’s 1956 . . . and Lina dreams of being a writer, but her strict Italian parents have other ideas. Now that she’s won a scholarship to an expensive girls school, Lina has other troubles, too. To fit in, she must keep her home life a secret, and even her best friend Mary can’t know the truth. But how long can Lina keep her two worlds apart?

Meet Lina and join her adventures in the first of four exciting stories about a passionate girl finding a place to belong.

9780143306887Eerie Series by S.Carey #1 Hunter and Collector

S. Carey’s spooktacular new series for middle-readers will have you sleeping with the lights on! There will be thirteen Eerie stories to keep kids entertained after dark, with each book in the series featuring an exclusive chapter from the final book in the series. This highly readable and accessible series is sure to be a hit with even the most reluctant of readers!

Because goosebumps are for chickens . . .

Eerie Series by S.Carey #2 Game Over 9780143306689

Johnny’s new classmate Samuel seems to have it all: unlimited junk good and the latest video games from America. But can you have too much of a good thing?

Because goosebumps are for chickens . . .




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