The Eerie Series – S. Carey


Most of you will have experienced requests from your students for a ‘scary’ book. Many of you will be more than familiar with the conundrum of how to engage a reluctant reader. This seems to be an ongoing problem with our students, especially in middle years classes.

Happily, we can offer you a solution! The Eerie Series by S.Carey, has been released this year with already glowing feedback from young readers. Aimed at the 8-12 age group, we are also beginning to get feedback from students as old as 15, keen to report on how much they enjoyed the first two stories in the series.

Over the coming year we will be releasing 13 books in this scary series, with each title featuring an exclusive chapter from a 14th story, that can only be read in its entirety by collecting all 13 titles.

The first two books in the series, Hunter and Collector and Game Over are available now as paperbacks or eBooks. You can find out more about what is yet to come for this fantastic series HERE. 9780143306689

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