Using digital media as writing prompts

Inspiring our students to write can sometimes be a tricky process. There is always the tried and true method of asking them to write what they know, but for some this can be an uninspiring and often frustrating exercise as they simply do not see their own lives as exciting or interesting enough to write about.

Enter digital media to save the day. The showing of a short, powerful, moving, inspiring, humorous or though provoking clip can be all the inspiration your students need to get them writing. Factors such as musical score, image choices and even production elements can all be considered as part of a deeper lesson, or you can keep it simple, show them the clip, ask them to consider a few key factors and write.

There are many sites that offer digital content suitable for this purpose and though You Tube is blocked in many schools, one need not despair. Vimeo has thousands of great little animations and clips, and is accessible on most school networks and many other approved sites contain valuable digital content. The clip below comes from NASA and their astronomy picture of the day page, which can be found HERE.

Sites such as the Australian Geographic Website have plenty of wonderful digital content you can share with your students. The trick is having a browse (and the time to browse) around the Internet to see what you can find that meets the needs of your classroom.

Have you found great digital content that you would like to share with others? Please feel free to leave a comment on this post.

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