New books for School – March 2013


The Curious Explorer’s Illustrated Guide to Exotic Animals by MARC MARTIN 

From armadillo to zebras, chameleons to quetzals, these exotic animals will surprise and delight. No curious explorer should be without Marc Martin’s stunning celebration of strange and beautiful creatures from all over the world. Here is a book of wonder, a unique and breathtaking treasure from one of Australia’s most outstanding new talents.

The Last Elephant: The Lost World Circus Book 1 by JUSTIN D’ATH 9780143307266

Colt Lawless is on the run, suddenly famous, and more than a little superhuman. But can he save the last animals on earth?

Twelve years from now, rat flu has wiped out almost every animal and bird on the planet. The creatures in Captain Noah’s Lost World Circus are the last of their kind. But the Rat Cops are determined to shut down the circus, and Colt and his acrobat friend Birdy might be the only ones who can save it, starting with Lucy – the world’s last elephant.

9780143307280Secret Superhero: The Lost World Circus Book 3 by JUSTIN D’ATH 

Colt Lawless has been performing superhuman acts all over town. To protect his secret identity, he and Birdy have come up with the ultimate disguise. Colt is Superclown: completely fearless and impossibly strong. But when he finds himself wrestling with an angry panther at a crowded school disco, it looks like Superclown’s cover is blown already. How will he save the world’s animals now?

An electrifying new series from Justin D’Ath, author of the bestselling Extreme Adventures.

Eerie: Killer App by S. CAREY 9780143307365

The thrills keep coming for readers of  this brand new spooktacular series. Killer App is sure to make readers take pause the next time they pick up a mobile device…Roma’s friend, Michael has a killer new app that promises to make your dreams come true. It sounds fun, but for Roma it’s a nightmare . . .

9780143307372Eerie: Tiddles by S. CAREY 

Crazy Aunts and Zombie cats, this Eerie will have you thinking twice before you head downstairs in the dark…Hideously insane Great-Aunt Pam has a special surprise waiting for house guests Ben and Cathy. Dead special.


Wild Card: Vanguard Prime Book 2 by STEVEN LOCHRAN 9780143306900

Elite superhero team Vanguard Prime has a new mission . . .

When a villainous organisation puts out a Kill Order on the Knight of Wands, Goldrush gets caught in the crossfire. What dark secrets lurk in the Knight’s past? And will the two heroes survive the night?

Hot on the heels of the breathtaking first book in the series Goldrush, Wildcard will have readers on the very edge of their seats!

9780143307150Runaways by SHERRYL CLARK 

The red balloon explodes my blood runs hot from skull to toes I grab my bag  and run.

Cassie and her brother, Jack, are on the run from the past, from the future and from their failure of a family. But where can they go? And can you ever really run away?

Song in the Dark by CHRISTINE HOWE 9780143567448

Where do you end up when you have nowhere to go, and no one to turn to?

Paul isn’t thinking clearly. He’s destroying everything that’s important to him, and when he finally hurts the one person he cares about most, he runs away . . .

An extraordinary and heart-rending story of love, betrayal, addiction and hope.



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