Creating a Dirty Dinosaur… Ann James


Later this month we will be able to share with you all a delightful new picture book from author Janeen Brian and illustrator Ann James. I’m A Dirty Dinosaur is a charming and fun romp of a picture book, perfect for read aloud sharing with little ones and early years students.

Ann James has kindly shared with us some photos of the unique process she used to create the gorgeous illustrations for the lovely little Dino in I’m A Dirty Dinosaur. I think you will agree, real mud works best!


I always knew I wanted to draw DD with a magic pencil 



Here are some of the first roughs. 

Suddenly it dawned on me that I should try some real mud from our dam – lovely squishy clay mud.dd#4

I took a selection of papers and brushes down to the dam and had a play.

dd#2It was wonderfully plastic and textured, and the way that it played with the water was inspiring dd#7

Quite magical images appeared 

A very big thank you to Ann James for sharing her creative process here with us on the Penguin Teacher Academy blog. Now! Whose brave enough to try this with students?

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2 Responses to Creating a Dirty Dinosaur… Ann James

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  2. Nerida Campbell says:

    Hi I will be trying this out with my Year One students during book week. I can’t wait!!

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