New books for School – April 2013


From award-winning author Ann James and illustrator Janeen Brian comes this gorgeous rhyming picture book about a naughty little dinosaur who loves to get dirty. Bright simple illustrations and rounded corners perfect for the very young.

Stomp, splash, slide, dive . . . .
This little dinosaur just loves mud!

The Great Pet Plan: Juliet, Nearly a Vet (Book 1) AUTHOR: REBECCA JOHNSON ILLUSTRATOR: KYLA MAY 9780143307044

Hi! I’m Juliet. I’m ten years old. And I’m nearly a vet!

My best friend Chelsea and I love animals. I have a dog Curly and two guinea pigs, but we need more pets if I’m going to learn to be a vet. Today, we had the best idea ever . . . We’re going to have a pet sleepover! Of course, there’s no need to tell our parents about it. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with having a few extra pets to stay?

9780143307051At the Show: Juliet, Nearly a Vet (Book 2) AUTHOR: REBECCA JOHNSON ILLUSTRATOR: KYLA MAY

Chelsea and I are helping our friend, Maisy, get her pony ready for the local show. But Midgie is more interested in eating than in learning to jump (sigh). Pony training is a bit more difficult than we thought!

We need some good ideas fast, or the show will be a total disaster…



Max only had one friend.
Max’s friend was called George.
George lived in windows.

Max is lucky to have a friend like George. George loves to do everything Max does. He also knows what it feels like to be Max . . .

9780670076833Hating Alison Ashley: Australian Children’s Classics by ROBIN KLEIN

Alison Ashley. She was the most beautiful, graceful, elegant thing you ever saw in your life . . . And from the first day I hated her.

Every so often, there comes a story so brilliant and lively and moving that it cannot be left in the past. Rediscover the magic of our country’s most memorable children’s books in the Penguin Australia Children’s Classics series of stories too precious to leave behind.

Taronga: Australian Children’s Classics by VICTOR KELLEHER 9780670076888

The great dome of the sky, black, star-sprinkled, arched above him, appearing at that moment so limitless, so vast and free, that the fences and cages of Taronga were dwarfed, reduced to the point where they barely seemed to exist . . .

Every so often, there comes a story so brilliant and lively and moving that it cannot be left in the past. Rediscover the magic of our country’s most memorable children’s books in the Penguin Australia Children’s Classics series of stories too precious to leave behind.

9780143306986Eerie: The Trunk by S. CAREY

Charlie is dying to know what is in the huge heavy trunk that belongs to his strange neighbours. What are those bone-crunching sounds he can hear through the wall?


Penguin Books Australia has committed to supporting the aims of the McGrath Foundation. As part of our Corporate Friendship we have published twelve Pink Popular Penguins. See the complete list HERE


9780143567684Run by TIM SINCLAIR

Dee lives for parkour, and the alternate worlds he invents to escape his mundane life. He knows the city better than anyone-the hidden spaces at night, the views that no one else sees, from heights no one else can scale,. With parkour, he’s not running away. He’s free

But just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. And soon Dee is running for his life, running for real.

Run is an unmissable, paranoid thriller – genre fiction meets literary verse novel.

Nameless: A Tale of Beauty and Madness by LILI ST. CROW9781921880193

An adopted princess. An immortal family. A snow-choked city. And one blood-red apple.

Snow White as you’ve never seen her before . . .

A battered child is found alone in the snow by the godfather of the Seven-the powerful Families that rule magic-ridden New Haven. Papa Vultusino adopts the girl, naming her after his dead wife and raising her in luxury on Haven Hill alongside his own son, Nico.

Now sixteen. Camille keeps her faded scars hidden under her school uniform. She opens up only to her two best friends. Ruby and Ellie, and to Nico, who has become more than a brother to her. But even though Cami is a pampered Vultusino princess, she knows that she is not really Family. She is merely mortal, with a buried, uneasy past. And it’s not until she meets the mysterious Tor, who reveals scars of his own, that Cami begins to uncover the secrets of her birth-and of the mysterious white-robed woman who calls from beneath New Haven’s twisted streets . . .

An eerie, darkly atmospheric retelling of Snow White from New York Times bestselling author Lili St. Crow.

9780143567974Immortal City (BK2): Natural Born Angel by SCOTT SPEER

It’s been nearly a year since Maddy Montgomery found out she was half-Angel and was catapulted into the scene of flashbulbs, paparazzi, and fervent adulation that comes with being in the celebrity Angel world. But though she’s discovered her Immortal Marks, her wings haven’t come in yet. And she has no idea if they ever will. So in the meantime, she’s been busy finishing high school and trying to keep her romance with heart-throb Jackson Godspeed away from the public’s prying eyes.

Jacks, though, is finding his idol status slipping away. Ever since his wings were severely damaged when he rescued Maddy from a powerful demon, he hasn’t been able to fly–or to fulfill his Guardian duties. And now the public’s attention is on the new star in town: his own girlfriend, Maddy.


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