Teaching notes available for download…

We are delighted to share with you free teaching notes for the following two new titles, Song in the Dark by Christine Howe and Runaways by Sherryl Clark.

9780143567448Song in the Dark by CHRISTINE HOWE

Where do you end up when you have nowhere to go, and no one to turn to?

Paul isn’t thinking clearly. He’s destroying everything that’s important to him, and when he finally hurts the one person he cares about most, he runs away . . .

An extraordinary and heart-rending story of love, betrayal, addiction and hope.

Download teaching notes for this title HERE.

Runaways by SHERRYL CLARK 9780143307150

The red balloon explodes my blood runs hot from skull to toes I grab my bag  and run.

Cassie and her brother, Jack, are on the run from the past, from the future and from their failure of a family. But where can they go? And can you ever really run away?

Download teaching notes for this title HERE.

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