New books for school – May 2013

Bertie by PAMELA ALLEN 9780670076956

With all Pam’s trademark simplicity of line and characterisation, this is the perfect book to share with the littleies in your life. Together you can choose… are you happy or grumpy? Will you cry or will you sing? Straightforward comparative text about feelings with clean, clear art.

The Kingdom of the Lost Book 2: The Cloud Road by ISOBELLE CARMODY 9780670075188

The exciting second book in Isobelle Carmody’s award-winning KINGDOM OF THE LOST series for 8+.

Adventure and danger follow Bily, Zluty, Redwing and the monster as they cross a barren desert and journey over high stony mountains in search of a place where they can make a new home. But will the secret they uncover in the Cloud Mountains be the end of them all…

9780143307433Our Australian Girl: Ruby and the Country Cousins (Book 2) by PENNY MATTHEWS & LUCIA MASCIULLO

It’s 1931 . . . and Ruby and her family have lost everything in the Great Depression.  Leaving behind her dad, her school friends and everything she knows, Ruby must move to Kettle Farm to stay with her cousins.  Life in the country is new and strange, and Ruby has never felt like such an outsider.  Thankfully she has her much-loved dog, Baxter, for company – until he gets up to mischief, and everything goes horribly wrong. . .

Follow Ruby on her adventure in the second of four exciting stories about a happy-go-lucky girl in a time of great change.

Our Australian Girl: Lina’s Many Lives Book 2 by SALLY & LUCIA MASCUILLO 9780143307013

It’s 1956 . . . and Lina is working hard on the school newspaper. But mean Sarah Buttersworth isn’t making it easy, and when Lina’s best friend Mary gets distracted by her new television, things begin to fall apart.  Meanwhile, at home, Lina starts to uncover some dark family secrets.  Living in two such different worlds isn’t easy, and when tragedy strikes, she makes a decision that causes her many lives to collide . . .

Follow Lina on her adventure in the second of four exciting stories about a passionate girl finding a place to belong.

 9780143307280Secret Superhero: The Lost World Circus Book 3 by JUSTIN D’ATH 

An electrifying new series from Justin D’ath, author of the bestselling Extreme Adventures.

Colt Lawless is on the run, suddenly famous, and more than a little superhuman.  But can he save the last animals on earth?

Colt Lawless has been performing superhuman acts all over town. To protect his secret identity, he and Birdy have come up with the ultimate disguise. Superclown – completely fearless and impossibly strong. But when he wrestles with an angry panther at a crowded school disco, it looks like Superclown’s cover is blown already. How will he save the world’s animals now?

Eerie: Feeney’s Fiendish Fleas by S. CAREY 9780143306993

There’s something strangely freaky about Feeney’s famous flea circus. Roll up, roll up and see. But make sure you leave before feeding time . . .

9780141341767W.A.R.P.: The Reluctant Assassin by EOIN COLFER 

It all began with the F.B.I. and W.A.R.P.  (Witness Anonymous Relocation Programme) hiding witnesses in the past to protect the future – until now . . .

Riley is a Victorian orphan, hurtled into the twenty-first century and on the run from his evil master . . .

Albert Garrick, the terrifying assassin-for-hire pursuing Riley through time, along with . . .

Chevie Savano, the F.B.I.’s youngest and most impulsive special agent.

As Garrick relentlessly hunts them down, Riley and Chevie face a desperate race to stay alive and stop Garrick from returning to his own time – armed with knowledge and power that could change the world forever.


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