New books for school – June 2013

Its publication day here at Penguin and we are excited to share with you our latest new releases. We have something for all year levels this month, so lets start with Primary school and work our way up to Secondary school.

9780670077304Yoo Hoo, Ladybird! by MEM FOX/ ILLUSTRATOR: LAURA LJUNGKVIST

A charming hide-and-seek book from Mem Fox, illustrated by Laura Ljungkvist. Follow the adventures of the ladybird and find her in various scenarios in a fun finding game. Suitable for younger children, this book will fascinate and delight with vivid colour and adorable illustrations.

Skylanders Universe: Ultimate Sticker Collection by DORLING KINDERSLEY 9781409332893

We know how much your students love Skylanders, so when giving reward stickers why not give them the coolest stickers available? Skylanders Universe Ultimate Sticker Collection features over 1,000 reusable stickers. This bumper sticker book includes all of their favourite Skylanders characters, from Master Eon and Spyro to Terrafin, Stealth Elf and many more.

9780143307136Farm Friends: Juliet, Nearly a Vet (Book 3) by REBECCA JOHNSON/ ILLUSTRATOR: KYLA MAY

Book 3 in the adorable and popular series! It’s Spring and all the animals on Maisy’s farm are having babies. Maisy says I can stay for a whole week and help out. There are chicks and ducklings hatching, orphan lambs to feed, and I can’t wait for Bella to have her calf! So many exciting adventures for a trainee vet!

Bush Baby Rescue: Juliet, Nearly a Vet (Book 4) by REBECCA JOHNSON/ ILLUSTRATOR: KYLA MAY 9780143307143

Book 4 in the adorable and popular series! A terrible bushfire has struck and Mum’s vet clinic is in chaos.  Every day more and more injured baby animals arrive.  Chelsea and I have never been busier!  There’s an adorable baby koala to feed by hand, a fat little wombat to bandage, and a funny blue-tongued lizard that Max is determined to make his pet. But who knew that babies needed so much feeding!  I may never sleep again!

9780143307501Eerie: Graveyard Watch by S. CAREY

Eerie because goosebumps are for chickens.

Zak wakes up with no memory of who he is. The parents he can’t remember are acting strange. Why won’t they let him out of the house? And what’s going on in the graveyard next door?

The Moon and More by SARAH DESSEN (Release date 4/06/2013) 9780141348292

Colby may be just a small holiday beach town for the tourists, but for Emeline it’s home. It looks like it’s going to be another typical summer there with her gorgeous high-school sweetheart, Luke – until a New York film-maker and her ambitious assistant Theo check in.  They’re obviously after a story.  But, when getting the locals to talk proves tricky, Theo decides they need a guide and he’s got his eye on Emeline . . .

Can Emeline decide where her loyalties, and her heart , truly lie before the summer ends?

9780141347509Good for You: Between the Lines by TAMMARA WEBBER

Teen screen idol Reid is in deep trouble. Dori, a community service supervisor, is determined to set him a good example – and romance is the furthest thing from her mind. Or his. But there’s something irresistible about Reid that not even good girl Dori can ignore . . .

The third in the irresistible Between the Lines series by Tammara Webber, author of New York Times bestseller Easy.

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