Non – fiction story resources.

It can be handy to have a list of non-fiction ‘story’ resources for use with primary and secondary students. These might link in with a particular unit of enquiry or perhaps you find that non-fiction stories have more appeal more to some of your students. We have compiled a list below of just a few of the many non-fiction story titles suitable for use with in your classroom that you may not have seen yet.

9780670072361 One Small Island by ALISON LESTER/ CORAL TULLOCH 

Macquarie Island lies in the Southern Ocean, between Antarctica and New Zealand.  A speck of green in the vast, windswept sea, it is a haven for many creatures that live above and below the waves.

In One Small Island, Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch bring us the story of this remote and precious World Heritage Site.  Together they explore the island’s unique geological beginnings, discovery and degradation at the hands of humans, and the battle to restore it today.

This beautifully presented book leaves us with an important question: can Macquarie Island and places like it be saved?

9781405373234 Great Scientists: DK Eyewitness 

DK Eyewitness Great Scientists is an exciting and informative guide to the fascinating lives of the world’s most famous thinkers, philosophers, inventors, innovators and pioneers. Stunning photographs offer a unique ‘eyewitness’ view of the ideas and innovations that have changed the way we live today.

Your child will discover all about Benjamin Franklin’s electrical charges, Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and the many others whose discoveries have shaped our world. Then use the giant pull-out wall chart to decorate their room.

Help your child learn about soldiers with this fact-packed guide, giant wallchart, interactive clip-art CD and dedicated website.

9781405336741 Soldier: DK Eyewitness (with Clipart CD) by ADAMS SIMON 

From how soldiers fought on the battlefield to what it’s like to take the controls of a powerful tank; let your child discover all about the life and times of the fighting man and woman down the centuries, from the arms and armour of the ancient world to today’s training, technology and tactics.

They’ll discover more by downloading 100s of amazing images from the clip-art CD. Then use the giant pull-out wallchart to decorate their room. Great for projects or just for fun, make sure your child learns everything they need to know about soldiers.

9781405329705 Great Musicians: DK Eyewitness (with Clipart CD) 

Learn about great musicians with this fact-packed guide, clipart CD, giant wall chart and dedicated website.

From how modern artists like Jim Hendrix transformed music, to the great composers like Beethoven: let your child discover all about the genius of the world’s best musicians through the centuries.

They’ll discover more browsing the dedicated Eyewitness website and downloading 100s of amazing images from the clipart CD. Then use the giant pull-out wall chart to decorate their room. Great for projects or just for fun, make sure your child learns everything they need to know about great musicians.

9781405320436 Knight: DK Eyewitness (with Free Clipart CD) 

Be an eyewitness to the life of a knight

Did you know caltrops – nasty spiked objects – were scattered over the ground before battle to injure animals or men who trod on them? Take a look at a knight’s life, from young squires learning the trade to weaponry, armour and battle.

Get the picture using the clip-art CD with over 100 amazing images to download. Then use the giant pull-out wall chart to decorate your room. Great for projects or just for fun, this fact-packed guide and CD shows and tells you everything you need to know about knights.

9780670075690 PetRescue’s Amazing Dog Stories: True tales of second-chance dogs and the lives they changed by VICKIE DAVY/SASKIA ADAMS 

Every dog has a tale . . .

This uplifting collection brings together over 100 original stories of canine survival, loyalty and unconditional love. These dogs have overcome troubled backgrounds to bring joy, companionship and adventure to the lives of their new families.

There’s Fudge, who braved a house fire to save his owner; Barnaby, Australia’s saddest dog, who conquered severe agoraphobia after being mistreated; the tale of a real-life Milo and Otis; Dusty’s special bond with his eleven-year-old best mate; and Sasha, the three-legged assistant ambulance driver. There are also stories of doggie heroics, quirky skills and friendships that were just meant to be.

9780143302384 Born to Run by CATHY FREEMAN 

“Hi guys,

Ever since I was little I only had one dream – to win a gold medal at the Olympics.

When I was twenty-seven years old, my dream came true. I’ll never forget that night at the Sydney 2000 Games – as I crossed the finish line, it was as if the whole of Australia was cheering for me.

Sometimes I still wonder how it happened. When I was growing up, I felt no different to anyone else. I loved having fun with my brothers, sleeping over at nanna’s and going horse riding with my dad. But I especially loved to run. With the help of my family, coaches and teachers, I became the best female 400-metre runner in the world.

I hope you enjoy my story, and that it inspires you to chase after your dreams too!”

9781921901829 Unsung Heroes: True Stories from the Stockman’s Hall of Fame by MICHAEL WINKLER 

These one hundred and fifty true stories give voices to the many men and women who played a part in establishing Australia’s pioneering spirit – those who mostly didn’t make it into the history books.

Drawn from the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame ‘Unsung Heroes’ database, we meet the bush folk who drove the trains, baked the bread, taught the children, provided entertainment, shod the horses, tended the sick, mended the roads and enforced the law. They sit alongside the drovers, property owners, shearers and amateur explorers to bring outback history alive.

From veteran expeditioner Ned Ryan, to possum trapper Harry Stevens, Boer War veteran Jack Kyle-Little and eccentric pioneers Charles and Cora Chalmers, these are tales of resilience, courage and luck, about people with more grit than an outback sandstorm.

All royalties from the sales of this book go to the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre. Situated in Queensland’s central western town of Longreach, it is Australia’s premier outback heritage destination.

9781921901393 Bush Nurses by ANNABELLE BRAYLEY 

It takes something special to be a bush nurse working in rural and remote Australia. These remarkable women patch people up and keep them alive while waiting for the doctor to arrive. They drive the ambulances, operate the clinics and deliver the babies. They are on call around the clock and there are no days off. They often make do with whatever is at hand while working in some of the most isolated places on the planet.

Be they devastating family tragedies, close scrapes with bush-fires or encounters with true larrikins of the outback, some stories will make your hair stand on end, others will make you laugh and some will make your cry. With tales from Birdsville to Bedourie, Oodnadatta to Uluru, you’ll be amazed at the courage and resourcefulness of these nurses who have been the backbone of medical practice in remote Australia for more than a hundred years.

9780670076505 Soldier Dogs by MARIA GOODAVAGE 

From Stubby, who fought in WWI, to Cairo, a member of the raiding party that took down Osama Bin Laden, here are inspiring stories that go behind the front line to reveal military canines’ heroic deeds and the unbreakable bond between dog and handler. The trainers and scientists who work with them disclose how canines are made into soldiers, and families of fallen troops share stories of their hard-earned retirement and adoption. Soldier Dogs gives an unprecedented window into the world of these adventurous, loving and loyal warriors.

These are just a handful of titles available. For more information of non-fiction ‘story’ resources visit or leave us a comment below.





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