Resource Round-up for Book Week

shiny guysSo many wonderful things are happening in schools and libraries all across Australia for Book Week! Today we share with you a collection of resources and sites we have found that focus on Book Week. We have included our Author websites because they contain a treasure trove of information, images and stories for your students to enjoy. You may know of them, you may not. You may have others you have found and  you are welcome to share in the comments section of this post. Enjoy!

Resource List –

CKMrs B’s Interactive Literacy Site

Host to all manner of activities you can engage your students with. Mrs B has put enormous effort and thought into the activities she has created to allow students to explore all titles featured on the short-list.



Mrs Mac’s Library Site

A wonderful site full of ideas, activities and resources, with links to other great Book Week sites.


9780670076031The Book Chook

A great site, sharing ideas, activities downloads and plenty of resources.



TMEBook Week for Beginners Wiki

This wiki has been established to support new primary school teacher librarians who are implementing Children’s Book Week in their schools for the first time. Australia’s experienced teacher librarians are invited to share their experience and expertise.


9780670075447Andrew Joyner’s Website 

Ursula Dubosarsky’s Website

Gus Gordon’s Website

Alison Lester’s Website

Sonya Hartnett’s Website

Morris Gleitzman’s Website

Doug MacLeod’s Website

Ursula Dubosarky Interview for Too Many Elephants in the House

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4 Responses to Resource Round-up for Book Week

  1. Looooooove The Shiny Guys….have never come across anyone else who has read it 😦

  2. Gorgeous books! Thank you very much for the links. Here is another list of top ten children’s books for Book Week.

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