Augmented Reality in the Classroom

9781740339551Augmented Reality is a fun and engaging way to teach students a vast array of subjects and is becoming an increasingly popular tool for teachers. With this is mind DK will release the first of two augmented reality titles in February 2014.

iDinosuar and iSolar System are full of all the facts and figures and fantastic illustrations we have come to expect from DK, with the added bonus of augmented reality to bring those pages to life.

Recently some students got to experience iDinosaur and iSolar System and we share the video here so you can see for yourself just how engaging these books are.

iDinosaur: Augmented Reality – DORLING KINDERSLEY

Thanks to the digital magic of Augmented Reality you can bring dinosaurs roaring back to life from the page with your smartphone or tablet. Developed specifically for mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets, iDinosaur delivers a completely new level of Augmented Reality experience. Unleash a T. rex on the breakfast table, or take a photo of your mates as a mighty Pteranodon swoops through the air before their eyes. iDinosaur brings these long-extinct prehistoric creatures back to life. See your family and friends onscreen, interacting with Augmented Reality dinosaurs and then capture the moment with photos that will amaze everyone!

9781740339568iSolar System: Augmented Reality – DORLING KINDERSLEY

The Solar System takes the reader on a journey from the Moon, to Mars, to the outer planets and finally beyond, using stunning Augmented Reality images based on the American Natural History Museum’s Beyond Planet Earth Exhibition. Readers will learn about the history of Moon exploration, the possibilities of asteroid mining, the problems that will face future colonies on Mars and dozens of other exciting challenges that face the space scientists of today and tomorrow.

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