Great Read Aloud Books for Children

We are huge advocates of reading aloud to students, children, adults, pets, furniture, (anyone who will stand still or happens to be passing by…) and we are pretty sure you are too.

Ask most adults if they had a teacher, parent, caregiver or a librarian read aloud to them when they were younger and often they will smile as they recollect how much they looked forward to that time once a day or once a week when they could sit back and get lost in a story.

We all have favourites that we use to read aloud, but we thought it couldn’t hurt to suggest some fresh ideas you may not have considered before. Below we share with you a little bit about some of our favourite read aloud books for children and encourage you to try them yourself.

9780143300724Little Fur: The Legend of Little Fur by ISOBELLE CARMODY

Little Fur is an elf troll who lives in a secret wilderness at the heart of a great human city.  She is a healer.  She sings to the ancient trees that protect the small wilderness.

But one day Crow tells of humans who will come to burn the trees.  To protect her home and her friends, Little Fur must venture for the first time into the dangerous human world…

Little Fur explores themes of sustainability and has a beautiful fairytale quality to its story. Lovable characters and a magical adventure, this story is sure to have your listeners enthralled from the very first page.

9780670076130Children of the King by  SONYA HARTNETT

Three children have been sent to live in the countryside, safe from the war in London. When they find two boys hiding in a castle, the past and future come together to make an extraordinary adventure.

A hauntingly beautiful story from one of Australia’s most acclaimed writers for adults and children, The Children of the King will have your listeners and you enraptured from the very first sentence.

9780143304142The Museum of Mary Child by CASSANDRA GOLDS

Heloise lives with her godmother in an isolated cottage. Next door is a sinister museum dedicated to the memory of Mary Child. Visitors enter it with a smile and depart with fear in their eyes. One day, Heloise finds a doll under the floorboards. Against her godmother’s wishes, she keeps it. And that’s when the delicate truce between Heloise and her godmother begins to unravel . . .

Heloise runs away. She journeys far, but one day she must return to uncover the secret at the heart of her being.

A timeless love story and a bewitching fairy tale from the masterful creator of Claire de Lune.

9780143300007Clair-de-lune by CASSANDRA GOLDS

Clair-de-Lune has lived all her life with her grandmother at the top of a very tall, very narrow, very old building. Her mother, a great ballerina, died on stage when Clair- de-Lune was a baby. Ever since that day, Clair-de-Lune has not uttered a word.

Then she meets tiny, brave Bonaventure (a talking dancer-mouse) who takes her to the mysterious monastery hidden in a secret fold of Clair-de-Lune’s apartment building.

But this is only the beginning of the journey for Clair-de-Lune, and she could never have dreamed what adventures were still to come . . .

9780143307525The Wishbird by GABRIELLE WANG

The girl’s hands came up to the bars and she gripped them tightly.  She was speaking to Boy with her eyes, pleading for help.

Then a strange and beautiful sound came from her throat, rising and falling like the wind.  Boy had never heard anything like it.

And yet it was familiar.

Oriole’s beloved Wishbird is dying and she must leave the Forest to save him.  But in the City of Soulless there is danger everywhere.

Can Oriole and Boy save Soulless and the Wishbird, or will the city’s darkness prove too great even for magic?

9780670074969The Accidental Princess by AUTHOR: JEN STORER/ILLUSTRATOR: LUCIA MASCIULLO

Inside the lilac hedge, two sets of glittering emerald eyes observed Matilda through the heart-shaped leaves.  ‘It is the princess!’ whispered a tiny voice . . .

When the pixies and fairies of the lilac hedge mistake Matilda for royalty, she is drawn into a wondrous world.  But evil forces threaten the hedge and its folk, and Matilda must fight to save her new friends.  She can’t do it alone, but could it mean losing her sister forever?

Fans of The Magic Faraway Tree and the Narnia series won’t be able to resist The Accidental Princess!

9780143304371Tensy Farlow and the Home for Mislaid Children by JEN STORER

Dumped in the River Charon, hunted by an accursed river creature and betrayed by the wicked Matron Pluckrose, Tensy Farlow is in mortal danger. She has no parents. Worse still, she has no guardian angel.

When she is thrown into the Home for Mislaid Children – a gloomy orphanage where ravens attack, Watchers hover over your bed, and even the angels cannot be trusted – it seems that all hope is lost.

Yet could it be that a plucky, flame-haired orphan with a mysterious past is precisely what this dark world needs?

9780670074037The Kingdom of the Lost Book 1: The Red Wind by ISOBELLE CARMODY

The first book in The Kingdom of the Lost series

When a devastating red wind sweeps across the land, brothers Bily and Zluty are forced to fight for their survival and journey into the perilous unknown.

A magical new series for younger readers from the award-winning author of the Little Fur.

9780143307754Extra Time by MORRIS GLEITZMAN

When 13-year-old Matt is discovered impressing the livestock in an Aussie country town with his remarkable soccer skills, he’s offered the chance of a lifetime – a try-out at one of Europe’s biggest and most glamorous soccer clubs. His younger sister Bridie goes with him as his manager and tells us their story – warts, goals and all.

The funny and moving story of a sister’s love for her brother, and how it survives everything fate throws at it, including the millions of pounds and mountains of pressure at the top of the world’s most popular sport.

A funny and moving story from one of Australian’s most entertaining authors.

9780141341767W.A.R.P.: The Reluctant Assassin by  EOIN COLFER

It all began with the F.B.I. and W.A.R.P.  (Witness Anonymous Relocation Programme) hiding witnesses in the past to protect the future – until now . . .

Riley is a Victorian orphan, hurtled into the twenty-first century and on the run from his evil master . . .

Albert Garrick, the terrifying assassin-for-hire pursuing Riley through time, along with . . .

Chevie Savano, the F.B.I.’s youngest and most impulsive special agent.

As Garrick relentlessly hunts them down, Riley and Chevie face a desperate race to stay alive and stop Garrick from returning to his own time – armed with knowledge and power that could change the world forever.

9780670074051The Midnight Zoo by SONYA HARTNETT

Her muzzle wrinkled, and Andrej saw a glimpse of teeth and pale tongue. ‘They smell the same, ‘ the lioness murmured. ‘My cubs smelt as she does. Like pollen.’ She breathed deeply again, and Andrej saw the missing cubs returning to her on the wings of the baby’s perfume. ‘All young ones must come from the same place,’ she said: then sat down on her haunches, seemingly satisfied.

Under cover of darkness, two brothers cross a war-ravaged countryside carrying a secret bundle. One night they stumble across a deserted town reduced to smouldering ruins. But at the end of a blackened street they find a small green miracle: a zoo filled with animals in need of hope.

A moving and ageless fable about war, and freedom.

Of course, we have barely scratched the surface of titles that make fantastic and compelling read aloud’s for children, but in reality, we could go on forever. What are your favourite read aloud books? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

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