New books for school – November 2013

We have some absolutely gorgeous books for you to share with students and friends this month, including a brand new book from the beloved Mem Fox and a very young edition of the Australian classic, Animalia!

9780670077489My First Animalia by GRAEME BASE

Within the pages of this book, you may discover, if you look, beyond the spell of written words, a hidden land of beast and birds.

But there’s so much to find and name – Let’s start off with a smaller game. Just four for now – some big, some small. Now off you go to find them all!

Animalia was first published in 1986, immediately capturing the imagination of children and adults around the world. It has now achieved classic status with global sales of over three million copies.

My First Animalia celebrates the magic of Animalia in a playful introductory format for the very young, specially created by Graeme Base.

So turn the pages, lift the flaps and rediscover the world of Animalia through fresh eyes – it’s the alphabet as only Graeme Base knows how!


A lullaby to babies everywhere, Baby Bedtime is a lyrical tribute to the love inspired by the little people in our lives.

This enchanting read-aloud story combines the talents of Australia’s premier picture-book writer, Mem Fox, author of Possum Magic andWhere is the Green Sheep?, and acclaimed illustrator Emma Quay, creator of Rudie Nudie and Not a Cloud in the Sky.

Read Emma Quays fascinating illustrator notes for Baby Bedtime HERE.

9780670077168Fat Ferdie by  PAMELA ALLEN

A delightful and hilarious picture book for young children from the best-selling Pamela Allen. Fat Ferdie is a monster you won’t forget!

Fat Ferdie is a scary beast
because of what he likes to eat.
Read the book and you will see
that his dinner climbs a tree! 

Scary but fun.
Another Pamela Allen book
for you to share with the very young.

9780143307785Eerie: The Specular by S. CAREY

They say that right before you die your life flashes before your eyes. Ollie’s about to test that theory. He’s alone, the Specular are out, they’ve taken his family and now they’re after him.


9780143307808Brilliant Bites for Boys: Four favourite Bites just for boys! by JANE GODWIN. PATRICIA WRIGHTSON, MITCH VANE, DAVID COX, GUS GORDON, JEN STORER, DANNY KATZ

Inside this book are singing pets, zooming rides, surprising birthdays and parent-free zones.  If this sounds like a whole bunch of fun, then Brilliant Bites for Boys is the book for you!

This exciting collection of Bites from the much-loved series has been specially put together for boys.

9780670077540Our Australian Girl: The Grace Stories by AUTHOR: SOFIE LAGUNA/ ILLUSTRATOR: LUCIA MASCIULLO

For the first time, read all four Grace stories in one beautiful hardback edition.

It’s 1808 . . .

and Grace’s world is about to change – from her tough life as a mudlark on the River Thames in London, to the adventures and challenges she faces as a servant girl in a new country.

Journey with Grace across all four exciting stories about a convict girl who’s given a second chance.

Dreamy, thoughtful, brave and compassionate, Grace is an unforgettable Australian Girl.

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