Stuff Happens

StuffHappens4PackFour boys, four stories, four great Australian writers in an important new series

Stuff happens sometimes.
Everyday stuff. At school, at home, with sport, with mates.

STUFF HAPPENS is a contemporary reflected reality fiction series for young boys aged 7 to 10 years old. Each book tells the story of an incident of emotional importance to one of the boys in a fictional primary school class. The stories, written by some of Australia’s finest male writers make great reads and an important contribution to the emotional literacy of Australian boys.

‘The awareness of the emotional life of boys is slowly being recognised as a critical factor into the development of boys to strong and courageous sensitive men. Stuff happens explores feelings and emotions in an entertaining and humorous way, allowing boys to understand that it is OK to express emotion. This can only be positive! I highly recommend and love the books!’ Deborah Jepsen, Educational & Developmental Psychologist
Melbourne Child Psychology / School Psychology Services

‘[a] boy must see and believe that emotions belong in the life of a man. If we
teach our sons to honour and value their emotional lives, if we can give boys
an emotional vocabulary and the encouragement to use it, they will unclench
their hearts.’  From Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys

Series Editor, Susannah McFarlane is a successful children’s book publisher and author who, loves creating stories that kids love to read. Susannah was the original concept creator of Go Girl! And Zac Power, and is the creator and writer of the award-winning EJ12 Girl Hero series, the creator and co-author of the hugely popular series for boys, Boy vs Beast, and the author of the Little Mates series of alphabet books for under fives. Susannah was previously the managing director of Egmont Books UK; the vice-president of the Egmont Group and the co‐owner, managing director and publisher of Hardie Grant Egmont.

9780143308225Stuff Happens – Jack by Tony Wilson

Stuff happens sometimes.

Everyday stuff.

At school, at home, with sport, with mates.

For Jack it happened when a game at recess went wrong.

Jack is one of the sporty boys, and is always after a new game to play, particularly if he can invent one that allows him to tackle without getting caught. He and his friends invent You Play, You Pay, and things don’t end well. When Jack, in pain and keen not to get in trouble, says it was Fadi’s fault, he almost immediately regrets it, but can’t take it back. Things go from bad to worse as Fadi gets into more trouble and Jack feels more and more guilty.

9780143308096Stuff Happens – Ned by Andrew Daddo 

Stuff happens sometimes.

Everyday stuff.

At school, at home, with sport, with mates.

For Ned it happened with a new teacher.

Ned’s worst fears are confirmed when he ends up in the class with the worst teacher in the school, possibly the world, and away from his best mates. Things don’t improve when the teacher seems to have adored both Ned’s older siblings – how is he going to survive the day, let alone the whole year?

9780143308119Stuff Happens – Sean by Will Kostakis 

Stuff happens sometimes.

Everyday stuff.

At school, at home, with sport, with mates.

For Sean it happened starting at a new school.

Sean has just moved from WA to Monvale where his parents grew up. Sean misses his friends and wonders if he’ll ever be able to make mates as good as the ones he has left behind …

9780143308102Stuff Happens – Michael by Phillip Gywnne 

Stuff happens sometimes.

Everyday stuff.

At school, at home, with sport, with mates.

For Michael it happened when he thought he was letting his parents down.

Michael is the best swimmer in the school, probably the state, maybe the country. One day he might compete at the Olympics and his parents and teachers support him 100 per cent, making sacrifices so he can be the very best. Michael trains all the time, up and down the pool with discipline and determination to do his best for himself, for the coach, for his parents, for everyone. Then one day he sees a skater fly down the hill on a board and Michael starts to wonder if there’s more to life than swimming.

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