On Tuesday 14 April, Penguin Random House will be commemorating the 70th anniversary of Anne Frank’s death alongside The Anne Frank Trust.


Anne Frank’s story offers us a poignant insight into one of the darkest periods of history, yet also offers inspiration for new generations to make our world a better one. This young girl refused to be silenced by her oppressors and instead documented her every thought and feeling while in hiding from the Nazis for two years, until she was captured and sent to her death at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in the spring of 1945.


So what exactly is #notsilent?

Instead of a one minute’s silence to commemorate the end of Anne Frank’s short life, we are inviting people to read a one-minute passage from Diary of a Young Girl out loud at any time on or after Tuesday 14 April.

We encourage you to record your own extract and share it, to inspire others to speak out against injustice and take a moment to remember Anne Frank. We have a selection of passages suitable for a one minute reading to choose from, you can choose one yourself, or you can read something you have written about your own life and hopes. You can start or end your reading by explaining why you want to do it.

For teacher resources and to find out how you can get involved here.


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