Parents and Caregivers

Twitter_profile_imageWelcome to our page especially for parents and caregivers. On this page we will share books, resources, articles, information, tips and lists that can assist you with all things literacy related for your child.

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Starting School 

9780670076765Its that time of the year again, when many of you are making the transition to primary school from kindergarten. The journey that is starting school can be a big adventure. It is an exciting (and sometimes stressful) time of change, discovery and new routines for the whole family. We have compiled a list of books that we hope make the integration to full time school just that little bit easier for you all. From the first big week of Starting School, making friends and settling in, to healthy weekday menu suggestions, this handy list has something for the every family member. Find it HERE 

Managing Cybersafety 

As a parent or caregiver it can be difficult to navigate the online world of the children in your care. Websites, apps, social media, these areas can be a confusing maze for parents and caregivers to keep abreast of. Thankfully, there are experts that can assist you. Michael Carr-Gregg and Susan McLean have both written comprehensive, accessible and practical guides to help you understand and manage your child’s online life, at school and at home.

9780143570783Beyond Cyberbullying: An Essential Guide for parenting in the digital age – MICHAEL CARR-GREGG

Be alert but not alarmed ― understanding the digital world that your kids inhabit.

Is your teenager being bullied online? Has your child adopted a monster? What games are they playing, who are they talking to, and what are they potentially exposing themselves to? Do you really know that they are doing on all those devices?

The internet is fun and fabulous and it’s here to stay, but it can pose serious risks for some kids. In this compelling and insightful book, Michael Carr-Gregg explains what kids get up to, provides guidelines for family internet safely and advises how to minimise the riskes without limiting your children’s freedom to learn, explore and communicate in the all-important cyber world.

Previously published as Real Wired Child, Beyond Cyberbullying is the fully updated edition of the bestselling guide to raising your children to be safe in the digital world.

9780670077885Sexts, Texts and Selfies: How to keep your children safe in the digital space – SUSAN MCLEAN

Soon enough, every parent will have to discuss online safety with their children.

This book is your salvation.  It helps you understand and connect with your child’s online world, and guide them safely through it.  Widely regarded as Australia’s first cyber cop, cyber-safety expert Susan McLean shows you how to :

  • establish good online habits
  • set time restrictions and boundaries
  • identify good apps and bad apps
  • deal with cyber bullying
  • work out who to ‘friend’ and ‘unfriend’
  • manage your child’s digital reputation

Filled with case studies about what children get up to online and the latest research, Susan’s advice is firm but fair.  With her clear guidelines, parents can allow their children to embrace and enjoy technology, without the stress or worry.

‘Reading McLean’s book is at least, in this digital world, one place where parents can seek advice.’ The Daily Telegraph



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