Island Home by Tim Winton – Unit of Work available now

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In Island Home – a landscape memoir, Tim Winton explores the story of how his relationship with the Australian landscape came to be, and how it has determined his ideas, his writing and his life. It is also a passionate exhortation for all of us to feel the ground beneath our feet. Much more powerfully than a political idea, or an economy, Australia is a physical entity. Where we are defines who we are, in ways we too often forget to our detriment, and the country’s. For over thirty years, Tim Winton has written novels in which the natural world is as much a living presence as any character.

Penguin Teachers’ Academy is delighted to share with you a comprehensive Unit of Work for Tim Winton’s 2015 book – Island Home: A landscape memoir, and the documentary that accompanies it.

Written by Laura Gordon, this teaching unit is intended to be used as an introduction to the study of Tim Winton’s texts, as inspiration for creative writing, or as part of any unit of work on Masculinity, Identity, Place and Belonging, The Australian Landscape or Australian Literature. You can find the Unit of work for Island Home in our Penguin Teachers’ App or on our website.

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